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Industrial Waxes was formed as a private limited company in 1968 and became part of the Marlin Chemicals group in 1991 operating as a division of the parent company.

The Division's main products are castor oil derivatives such as hydrogenated castor oil and hydroxy stearic acid sourced from reliable, long established producers in Brazil, India and Thailand.

In addition, Industrial Waxes act as agents and distributors for manufacturers in continental Europe selling their range of optical fibre compounds and packaging waxes.

The range is completed with a variety of natural and synthetic waxes together with toll manufactured emulsions and dispersions.


DRT, France   Range of Rosin derivatives, Tall oil derivatives, Terpene                          phenolic and Polyterpene resins and water based                                      dispersions.

Jayant, India   Range of Castor oil derivatives, 12HSA, HCO, Ricinoleic                          Acid, Sebacic Acid.

Arakawa, Japan      Resins

Toho, Japan           Resins.

Braskem, Brazil     Polybutenes and Hydrocarbon Resins

Sitra, Italy                Polymer Masterbatches

3V, Italy                    UV Stabilisers and Polymer Additives

Paramelt, Holland    Waxes

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